Hi, I am Alyson Gant. I’m currently a Graphic Design Intern at Hornercom in Harleysville, PA. Being an intern at Hornercom has taught me the seriousness of time management and the truth to really trying to give the client what he/she needs, no matter how difficult it is to understand his/her creative idea. Everyday at Hornercom I did countless revisions for Temple University Hospital’s Health Fest logo and more. It taught me that there is a reason why companies have deadlines. When Temple didn’t approve its logo for the 6th time, it pushed the next step in branding the Health Fest into a complete flux. Everyone around the office was working hard to stay on top of it. Eventually, Temple approved the logo and we are officially almost in wraps with covering all design elements of the Health Fest. Being a part of such a large project means a lot to me. I’ve learned that branding is by far my favorite aspect in design. It feels personal and almost mind blowing to know that from a web banner to a mail in invitation, to the type to the color scheme all details need to be brand recognizable from the logo. Design isn’t just about being creative, but understanding how to solve new solutions to keep the consumer connection in mind.