Rocking out with WMGK

Now that my time with 102.9 WMGK is coming to an end, I can now reflect on what my internship with Philly’s classic rock station has taught me. Working for WMGK has been a blast! Over this past semester, I have learned so much more about the advertising industry and the world of radio than I have ever thought possible. Before I started my internship I had little to no interest in pursuing a career within the radio industry. Like most people, I assumed that radio was a dying art especially with the younger audience. Before my internship I assumed that many teens/20 somethings were abandoning traditional radio for satellite radio, Pandora, and Spotify. However, these last few months have taught me that radio is still extremely relevant and is strong as it has ever been with almost every generation and it is a great format to work with. Radio is one of the few formats of advertising that provides a comfortable environment through the consistency of the programing. This internship taught me how much people trust the radio jocks and how “live reads” of commercials play into the buying process. Radio provides a lot of trust for the loyal listeners and that is relevant in the success of advertising campaigns that use radio.

Despite the fact that I was an MGK sales intern, I have learned that I am really interested in the promotions department of radio stations. I spent a few day with the promotions department during my internship and have been extremely interested in the work that they do for the station. Because I have spent time with the promotion’s team, I have been able to get a job with the road crew for WMGK. The Classic Rock Squad are the members of the radio station who go out to the events and represent the station to the fans. This job is a lot of fun because the interaction with the listeners shows the success of the station.

Overall, this internship has been a great experience. I have learned so much about radio and advertising on radio stations. I can’t wait to see where my experience with the station leads me in my career.

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