Rolling with the Intern Punches

I am currently interning at PUNCH Media as a Public Relations Intern for the 2021 Spring Semester, virtually of course.  At PUNCH Media our goal is to get our clients in the media through various channels utilizing tools such as press releases, product/event pitches, and email/ influencer marketing.  We promote and track all things related to our clients and their brand.  PUNCH Media is a complete agency that works with clients ranging from many branches of the hospitality industry including bars, restaurants, hotels, distilleries, breweries, and national liquor brands.  PUNCH Media is home to an amazing atmosphere and has an even better team at work.  It’s one of the jobs/internships I have enjoyed the most, with some of the best people always willing to lend a helping hand or some valuable advice.

Coming from an advertising background, I had to learn quickly, with tasks ranging from tracking media hits to the vernacular being used in meetings to stay up to date.  Public relations is much like advertising in the sense of a fast-paced atmosphere and quick deadlines, and what you learn can be used anywhere you go.  I worked primarily on six to eight of the company’s clients, focusing heavily on media tracking, content creation and execution for all social media channels, crafting blog posts for the company website, and composing press releases and pitches, assembling valuable media lists of publishers and influencers, and providing general support to the team.

The first thing I learned was the importance of tone and always using the correct and proper word choices, depending on the client.  A client who specializes in a modern French-inspired restaurant isn’t going to be using the same phrasing as a distillery in New Hampshire.  Learning the personalities of each brand was key to being successful on assignments.  Appropriate tone and strong writing are the foundation but proper execution and always staying organized are just as important.  Checking over my work multiple times before emailing, submitting, or posting is a skill that I continue to use.  Public relations taught me a lot and forced me to grow as a writer, while giving me an inside look at broadcast, print, radio, and social media.  The lessons and techniques I have learned have added valuable skillsets to my repertoire.

However, virtual internships are difficult. I definitely faced many challenges along the way, including working on social media content for clients that I have never even seen in person.  The importance of getting a feel for clients and their products has been a challenge I face every day while sitting in my apartment.  Though I know I won’t be able to experience the day-to-day agency atmosphere I would get in person, PUNCH Media has done an amazing job at keeping me involved and learning every single day.  Overall, PUNCH Media is an AMAZING place to work and an even better place to grow and learn professionally.  The fun, exciting world of public relations is definitely a must for any young media professional.


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