Rootsgear & TurbanInc. Clothing – South Asian Streetwear

Hello! My name is Sean Choudhary and I am interning with Rootsgear Clothing for my last semester here at Temple University. Rootsgear Clothing is the number 1 South Asian streetwear brand in the market right now. They recently acquired another streetwear brand, TurbanInc. I have been working on both brands at one time in this internship so it has kind of been a two in one experience. I was able to run their both social medias, create content, create and oversee marketing campaigns for over 10,000 email subscribers, view the companies full history of analytics, as well as all the sales.

Given that the South Asian streetwear industry is fairly small I have been able to see what a small to medium business looks like from the inside. Everyday I am able to collaborate, report, and speak directly to the CEO, Tanmit Singh. It has been an amazing experience. Taking work home with me seemed very effortless as Tanmit was only a Google Hangout away whenever I needed help or guidance with anything. With each call, Tanmit had slowly become my mentor rather than my boss. This whole experience was possible because of my persistence. Once a week for five months I would tweet Rootsgear asking if they needed an intern and one day they finally replied. The timing was perfect since I was trying to take the Internship course in my last semester at Temple.

The best part of the internship was being able to collaborate directly with Tanmit, it is not everyday you get to speak to a CEO of a company, especially of a brand you had been a fan of long before becoming an intern. The most rewarding part of the internship was being able to express my creativity through long nights of creating potential clothing that might be sold on the website. The jackets posted below are actually jackets I took part in designing and picking colorways to with Tanmit. The jackets were a limited time only drop.

This experience has been been an amazing one. I was able to travel and meet many people within the industry I aspire to breakthrough in one day. Having Tanmit as a resource and mentor feels like a leg up on the competition. I have learned so much about business, art, design, and advertising a brand. I do not think I could have learned the things I did with anyone or anywhere else, especially since the industry I have worked in is so niche. My time with Rootsgear has truly been a blessing.

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  1. Hi Sean – your internship sounds like quite the fun experience. I love that you were able to connect with a brand that you had an affinity for prior to working for them. It’s very exciting that you were able to be a part of the clothing design process, and I hope you got your hands on one of the pieces that you helped with!

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