Screaming My Dream with THIS IS IT NETWORK

This Semester, I am interning at THIS IS IT NETWORK with Cheldin Rumer as an Editorial Intern.

This Semester, I am interning at THIS IS IT NETWORK with Cheldin Rumer as an Editorial Intern. THIS IS IT NETWORK is a global, female, and minority-owned digital streaming platform. THIS IS IT NETWORK shares inspiring stories by remarkable women all over through video content, social media, and lifestyle blogs.

One of the core values of THIS IS IT NETWORK is “Scream Your Dream”. Scream Your Dream is one of Cheldin’s core values that promotes confidence when finding your unique marketing voice. To Scream Your Dream, you no longer whisper your wishes. Instead, dig deep, reflect, and polish your personal and professional goals. With my time at THIS IS IT NETWORK, I’ve learned to not only scream my dream but also embrace it.

When I first met with Cheldin and her team, the first question they asked the interns was, “What are you interested in?”. Some interns answered sports, social media, or graphic design. My answer was fashion and beauty. I have always dreamed of working within the fashion industry as a Copywriter. I feel inspired when reading articles or blogs from Vogue or Vanity Fair. However, I always felt this dream of mine would be impossible to achieve. Thanks to Cheldin and my supervisor, Lauren, both women allowed me to start pursuing and screaming, my dream to write about fashion.

Throughout my internship, I’ve gotten the chance to write about women-owned fashion and beauty businesses. Researching and learning about these successful women has been truly inspiring. Each woman has a remarkable story to tell, and I am honored to share that with the THIS IS IT NETWORK community. Along the way, I’ve also gotten to strengthen my writing skills and the way I can describe fashion, skincare, and makeup brands. Getting the opportunity to write and publish works about my passions while helping small businesses is an honor like no other.

THIS IS IT NETWORK has given me a platform to truly make my dream a reality. I am grateful that this internship allowed me to pursue what industry I am interested in. Cheldin allows her interns to have creative freedom, which is something I truly appreciate about her and her company. Nothing feels impossible at THIS IS IT NETWORK, and each day, I am one step closer to Screaming My Dream.


  1. Hi Amanda! I think that this experience is amazing and I loved reading about it! Screaming Your Dream is something that I have never heard of before, but something that I will definitely take with me through the rest of my life! THIS IS IT seems like an amazing place to intern and work at and I am so happy that you have had this experience!

  2. It’s wonderful to hear about your experience interning at THIS IS IT NETWORK with Cheldin Rumer as your mentor. It’s inspiring to see how their core value of “Scream Your Dream” has encouraged you to pursue your passion for fashion and beauty, something you thought was impossible before.

    It’s also great to see how you’ve been able to utilize your writing skills to share inspiring stories about women-owned fashion and beauty businesses. It’s amazing how THIS IS IT NETWORK has given you the platform to make your dream a reality and embrace it with creative freedom.

    It’s clear that you’re grateful for this opportunity, and it’s amazing to see how you’ve grown both personally and professionally throughout your internship. Keep up the great work, and I wish you all the best as you continue to “Scream Your Dream” and pursue your passion for fashion and beauty.

    Do you have any tips for young professionals trying to break through in the fashion and media industry?

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