Scrum Meeting for take over of Cecil B Moore Subway Station

This summer, I am doing an internship in the Office of Strategic Marketing and Communications (SM+C) at Temple University. Up until now, I have mainly been doing finance tasks which includes submitting invoices and updating spreadsheets. On Tuesday, I was invited to attend a scrum meeting for an upcoming Out of Home media buy for a take over of the Cecil B. Moore Subway station. Attending this impromptu meeting were the designer, the brand manager, the production manager, me and another student.

So to take a step back, SM+C worked with Harmelin, the company Temple has a contract with for all advertising purchases that involve everything but digital advertising, to put together and purchase a media buy package for a take over of the Cecil B Moore subway stop. This take over includes window clings inside the subway stop, back-lit signs inside the station, elevator wraps on street level, and a wrapping of the head house ceiling and elevator of the northbound station building.

At the scrum meeting, the production manager presented our options for the buy while the designer showed preliminary artwork for each option. They had worked together prior to the meeting but this showing was the first time the Brand manager had seen any of the artwork. Weird technical specifications and any other things to keep in mind were gone over by the production manager as well as alternate available options. We basically threw our opinions around and came up with other ideas for the artwork to move forward. The designer will take all of our ideas and make changes to the artwork. Another scrum meeting will occur the next 2 days in order to get the artwork finalized. I look forward to attending the meeting on Thursday. Final artwork is due by Monday so production can happen in the next month.

As an intern, I really felt a part of the meeting instead of a by standard. My opinions were welcome even as a student and we were encouraged to come up with alternate ideas for the advertising.  It will be neat to see the advertisements up and in person at the station in which I played a part of the process. You can look for the advertisements to be up by Move-In week in August!

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