My name is Tyler Rebmann, and I’ve been writing for SEO Digital Group for almost a full year. It was a great experience and I now understand more about how the advertising world works.

What I learned

Before going into my internship, I had taken Digital Media Marketing at Temple, so I had some base knowledge on SEO Writing. A lot of what I learned conceptually was put into practice in front of my eyes, and it helped me understand the process of digital marketing through Google.

SEO Writing is all about writing to get clicks using Google’s algorithm. To do this, I wrote posts mainly about the restaurant industry, and tech news for SEO Digital Group. In doing so I learned a lot about restaurant marketing and the inner workings of how businesses succeed in the age of social media.

The great thing about SEO Writing is that it’s a job that people are going to need for many years. There are a lot of websites that need traffic to be drawn to them, and when they do, SEO Writers will get jobs. I can see myself writing SEO content in the near future, as it’s great experience for young copywriters to practice their skills, and build their resumes.