Sharing our Enthusiasm for Advertising!!

Temple University has partnered up with Philly Ad Club to travel to local public high schools to start an after school advertising club. We are teaching these students the basic advertising concepts and skills so that at the end of the program, they can pitch their ideas to the client, Philabundance.

High School Ad Club is a way for local high school students to learn about opportunities after high school. Aside from teaching advertising, we are there to help inspire students to graduate, apply to college and to consider a career in advertising, marketing, public relations, sales, event planning, media, etc. Our goal is to open their eyes up to possible career choices and college opportunities after high school. During work sessions with these students, their creativity and ability to quickly learn shine through. These are some of the brightest most talented kids, who could easily be successful in an advertising career; all they need is someone to guide them through the college application process.

After working with these students at KCAPA for what only seems like a few weeks,  I personally am amazed. We came into the classroom to share our passion and enthusiasm for advertising and these students quickly fed off our excitement and were eager to learn. We aren’t there to be their teachers; we are there to be their friends, fellow students, and more importantly their mentors.

We should never underestimate the capabilities of today’s youth because with a little inspiration they can be some of the most talented and creative souls around. There is a reason why people who are trying to get into the creative mindset resort back to childhood days of playing games and living in a fantasy world, luckily for these students they still have their youth and impeccable imaginations.

This semester has been a learning experience not only for the high schools, but myself as well. I look forward to seeing the final presentation and how these students will be able to present their work to client. Prior to this program, these students never thought about a career in advertising. While some may have other interests they want to pursue,they now have more knowledge about other possible opportunities they can choose from.

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