Sixers Brett Brown

My  Sixers office internship has come to an end, it was undoubtably one of the the best experiences of my life. I made so many connections and learned so much about being in a business setting, and how people in all departments work together to keep the business afloat. I saw how the social media department has to work so hard to keep up with all the latest posts on what is going on with the players, coaches, schedule, and even other teams. It is quite impressive.

I had the opportunity to be invited to the press conference on my last day there. The press conference was the Sixers owner and GM announcing our new coach, Brett Brown who was the San Antonio Spurs former assistant coach for many years. Being there I was extremely nervous, there were so many people that I have only seen on TV, or heard on the radio. I knew that I had to conduct myself in a professional manner at all times. Even though in my mind I wanted to be the excited basketball fan like I normally am and jump up and down and take pictures, but I learned to control myself and watch my directors and many managers, and other directors conduct themselves in a setting like that.

I saw how the PR manager put the whole press conference together, it truly is a lot of work and I have a new found respect for the PR aspect as well as marketing. Those departments pretty much put everything together for the Sixers without the help of the small team who worked there, there would be a lot of confusion. With that being said I was offered other opportunities with the Sixers for my upcoming fall semester, including PR. I think I would enjoy being able to learn more about how PR keeps the Sixers running, especially during game nights, the most important nights for the Sixers.

I was very lucky to gain this internship and gained so much from it, opened many doors for me also taught me a great deal of work. I would be more than happy to continue to work for the Sixers and do what I love career wise as well as what I enjoy outside of that, basketball!

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