Hello colleagues, my name is Kyle Maher and this past Spring semester I did a graphic design internship at the multi-faceted public relations firm, Skai Blue Media. I describe the organization as multi-faceted because from what I’ve learned, Skai Blue Media offers more than a traditional PR firm in that they offer visual support to strengthen a brand’s image. They have a firm understanding of the role social media can play in building and/or promoting a brand and they use that understanding to utilize Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. to effectively tell a brand’s story and promote news regarding that brand. Some of the firm’s bigger clients included Ashley Graham, Serena Williams, and Dell among many others.

As a graphic design intern, I was given tasks by the Associate Creative Director that would revolve around certain client needs or for internal company usage. For example, I would often be given a long list of clients of Skai Blue Media and be asked to find all their logos and simplify them in Photoshop to being just white to be used in presentations or decks that SBM had to put together. On the more exciting side, I was asked to create an avatar and a personal logo for the CEO/founder of Skai Blue Media, Rakia Reynolds.  I designed the avatar using a formula already being used for the other employees avatars through the firm in terms of coloring and shaping. This avatar was then printed onto one side of her business cards.