Skateboarding Inspiration

During my time at Skate Jawn magazine, I have done a ton of networking. The Skate Jawn headquarters also doubles as a mini skatepark. Often times people just show up and skate there. Many of the skaters are involved with other skateboarding-related projects, companies, etc. I was fortunate enough to meet a lot of people that I wouldn’t have normally met. Among those people include professional skateboarders and business owners. I met a lot of people who are featured in magazines, commercials, videos, and other skateboarding publications. It was truly inspiring to meet with a lot of these people and learn about their relationship with the magazine. I knew I would end up networking but not to this extent. So in that light, this internship turned out to be a lot better than I had thought going in to it.

Since I run my own art/music zine, it was great to take notes and compare their business model with mine and make some improvements on both ends. Specifically, speaking to advertisers and reaching out to companies I don’t know has taught me a lot about the industry and the experiences I’ve had thus far are motivating. I plan on making more of my own zines and hopefully working with those I have met through Skate Jawn. The skateboarding industry is based around community, and I’ve realized how much power is behind collaboration. Everyone is rooting for everyone.

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