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Who would have thought starting an internship would shape my future and the things I want compared to the things I thought I wanted. Joining the Independence Blue Cross team was intimidating. Going into the big city everyday to go to a high floor and look over the beautiful city of Philadelphia. It felt as if I grew up overnight and wasn’t a college student anymore but a business woman working in the city of brotherly love. I wasn’t sure how the corporate life would treat me and what exactly I would be doing. All I knew was I was excited to work in such a respected corporation in Philadelphia.

First day I walked in expecting to see a few interns waiting to go to their floor and go through a quick orientation and go back to work. Once there and I was waiting for orientation to begin I saw one after the other of interns walking over to where I was waiting. There began to be a large group of us and once in the orientation room we were informed that there were 88 of us and we were chosen out of 3,000. This in itself had shocked me that I was not only working with so many amazing people but we were a select few that made it into the program. I was able to meet some amazing people that are other interns that I continue to talk to daily and consider to be close friends. Although we are all in different departments it is amazing to me how well Independence does of not only creating great connections with the associates but also with our fellow interns.

Working with such amazing people who have been at Independence for decades is incredible. It was really inspiring to see that Independence not only provides such reliable care but also makes sure to treat associates with such respect that they have continued to stay for as long as they have. I have met people who have been here since they have graduated college and have moved departments but have stayed within the independence family. It is amazing to me that these people have been able to not only been able to advance in their career but Independence gives such opportunities to advance within the company. This respect that they have for their associates is the same for the interns. Interns are always felt as though they are valued and completely a part of the Independence family.

Coming into work everyday by taking public transportation and experiencing the city every day has led to an increased love for Philadelphia. Before I was very unsure as to if I wanted to work in the city for a career but coming in every day to a work environment that I love with people who are here to help push me forward has led to great love for where I am. Being able to go out to lunch and just feel the energy all around me is something that I would love to experience while starting a career after graduation. The people I have met and the places I have been during my internship has shaped the way I view my future and how I will continue to pursue my career goals in the city.

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