Hello! My name is Courtney Turnbull and I am a senior double majoring in Advertising and Media Studies and Production. I am currently a graphic design intern at Grayson Sky, a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency in Old City.

Not to sound cliché, but interning at Grayson Sky has truly allowed for me to grow as a designer and aspiring art director. As an intern, I never thought I would have the opportunity to make so many creative decisions.

The most exciting part of this experience (besides the occasional office dog visits and on-set photo/video shoots) was being introduced to agency life. Starting out, I was unsure of what to expect, especially at a small agency. In a typical classroom setting, professors tell stories to their students about what it might be like, or what has happened to them, but you never really know until you experience it for yourself.

Small agency life is exciting because you are involved in multiple tasks at one time. There is always something to do at every given moment. Often, I work on at least five different projects per day. I love the challenge of needing to complete a full list of tasks by the end of the day. I thought my time-management skills were strong before I started interning, but now they’re even better. Many projects I work on include: social media graphics, email graphics, website mockups, print and web advertisements, photo editing, icons, logos, and collateral materials. Grayson Sky is one small, but mighty agency. The campaigns we have launched for multiple clients are always impressive. I’m thankful to play a key role in all of them.

Additionally, I have learned new skills as an intern. For example, email marketing is used by many professionals today. I always wanted to learn more about email marketing because of how often it is used to target customers. All of our clients use email marketing, and I had the opportunity to dive into MailChimp. I now can format and design emails to target consumers for a variety of brands.

Oh, and one more thing? I love advertising. I cannot tell you enough about how many times I have said that over the past couple of months. I love the pace of the work, the creative environment, and the role we play in communicating a message. I decided to major in advertising because I love to communicate visually. Being able to communicate a message to a specific audience is exciting, and drives me to create my best work. I know there is so much more to learn, and I know that I have only taken my first steps into the industry. Despite this, I am excited for what lies ahead and my future as an advertising professional.