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This past semester I have been interning at i-g creative, a small company in Northern Liberties thats work encompasses the entire creative realm. There’s advertising, marketing, photography, event planning, graphic design, online publishing, public relations and…I think I’ve gotten my point across. The company, although tiny in size doesn’t limit themselves. I’ve learned during my time here so far, that it doesn’t take a big company with a lot of money to do amazing work: it comes down to the people. I have the chance to work closely with the full time employees there and their dedication to their work is amazing. They are hard working, talented and go above and beyond for their job.

I am personally not a big fan of social media – when I first interviewed with i-g creative my facebook had been de-activated for quite some time, and they politely asked me to re-activate it. After working here for a few months, I definitely understand why they asked me to do this from a company and brand perspective. I help manage and contribute to one of i-g creative’s brands “this is is philly” facebook page, and I’ve learned social media can have a huge impact on reaching a target audience, and growing their audience in general.


With i-g being such a small company I have had the opportunity to explore different areas of the company based on my interests. I write a lot for their websites, but I’ve also had the chance to cover events and do some photography. I’d say the one downfall of this internship is a lot of events require you to be 21, and with me being 20 this can be a bit of a buzzkill at some points, because I feel like I am not contributing as much as I could be, but I can’t complain: this internship is awesome. I feel like I’m positively contributing to the company, and actually making a difference, which is something I’ve never experienced before.




  1. Sounds like an awesome internship! This is the first time that I’m hearing about i-g creative so thank you for sharing! I’m hoping to work for a small company such as this one in the very near future, fingers-crossed!

  2. I really like your post, and I too have never heard of i-g. They sound like a wonderful company and one that would also suit my interests. I think it’s very unique that they offer such a wide variety of services, and you’re so lucky to have gotten that experience. After reading this, i-g is definitely a company I want to look into. Thanks!

  3. So glad this worked out so well for you, Camille! That ping-pong conference table is pretty rad. I hope you got a change to test it out 🙂

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