Smaller Agency, Bigger Opportunities

You would much rather have a dime than a nickel right?

You would much rather have a dime than a nickel right? Because even though the nickel is bigger, it is not as valuable as the dime would be. When choosing my major I chose to do something that I found interesting and that I was passionate about – Advertising. When I started to look for internships I was listing these big advertising agencies that I had heard of in the city. I had been to a few and really liked the atmosphere and work environment. When an opportunity came up to intern at a small advertising consulting agency, I was hesitant. I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but I decided to give it a try (it’s only for a semester, right?).

Sitting here writing this blog, I am so glad I took that leap of faith and went with a smaller agency. We’ve all heard that saying “bigger isn’t always better” and in my case, that couldn’t be more true. Interning at a smaller company, I am given much more responsibility. I have become part of the team. I am not just some intern they hired to get coffee and file papers. My ideas are substantial and people listen to my opinion!

I am currently majoring in advertising, focusing on two tracks, art and account management. Coming to JDMK, I wasn’t really sure where I belonged in the advertising world. I knew that the art side of advertising was something I was passionate about, but I was still interested in learning about what really happens on the account management side. At JDMK, I am given so many opportunities to work on so many different things under the advertising umbrella. I am able to help on social media accounts, given lessons on HTML and coding, I am able to create flyers and advertisements in Photoshop and Illustrator and I even get to learn about ranking in SEO. Being able to say that I have experience in all of those different areas is a great feeling. I get to work with real clients and see my designs and ideas come to life.

So always remember that bigger isn’t always better. Smaller agencies have the ability to give you great experience and opportunities. You have the ability to become a party of the team and someone that your coworkers can really count on. I can say from experience that I would recommend getting your foot in the door with a small start up company because that way you have room to learn and grow!


  1. Hey that’s awesome! It sounds like you’re really getting a lot out of your time at JDMK. I know what you mean about people having this knee-jerk reaction that the bigger agencies are better, but look at you: You get to do actual work at the smaller agency because they don’t have bunches of creatives and account managers for each project, they lean on their interns a little bit more.

    I wish you the best in the future! I’m sure the skills you got this semester are going to take you far.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. A great Professor gave me advice last semester to start at a smaller agency where you will be given more responsibility. Similar to your experience, last semester I interned at Finch Brands a smaller sized agency in Old City. There were many opportunities to observe and learn many useful skills. A few weeks after the internship concluded I realized the effect that the experience had on me. In my next internship, I was now able to research for prospective clients and case studies for current clients in a much more proficient way.

    I hope you feel the same way after your internship is over. At a larger sized agency you always run the risk of getting lost in the shuffle and not being given as many opportunities.

    Cheers to ‘Smaller Agencies’ and their internship rewards!

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