Sneak Peek at ‘Visit Philly’s’ Upcoming Campaign; Enter ‘Write Your Own Billboard’ Contest

Visit Philly’s upcoming ad campaign features advertisements for the Philly Fashionista. The new campaign focuses on retail and fashion in Philadelphia.

A few of the ads in the new campaign will be featuring imagery from the upcoming Roberto Capucci exhibit that will be opening at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in March 2011.

With the launch of this campaign, this will be the third launch of the “With Love” ads for the GPTMC, and feature the instantly-recognizable handwriting font and “With Love” signature. Some of the new ads intend to spur interest in Philadelphia as a shopping destination; the others will be promoting as mentioned the upcoming exhibit at the PMA.

Think you can do better?

Enter’s “Write Your Own Billboard” contest. The winning ‘line’ will be made into a billboard on I-95 in Philadelphia. Now if that isn’t incentive to enter, I’m not sure what is. (Free cheesesteaks? Joke.)

Enter as many times as you like. Free to enter!

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