So far, SO good at The Blockley

I’m about half-way through my marketing/promo internship at The Blockley, a privately owned music venue in University City, and I must say it has been a good time so far.


My work load generally consists of writing social media posts, creating media plans and outlines, e-mailing target groups, and other various promoting techniques. Being a fan of live music and a musician as well, it has been quite interesting to gain a deeper understanding of the business aspect of the music industry.

Working shows is also a part of this internship, whether that means working the box office, coat check, or selling merchandise for the band(s). Most of these duties are paid as well, which has been a huge plus. Not to mention we (interns) get to choose which shows we want to work.

It feels good to apply what I learn in school to an existing business, and this experience has helped clarify my goals.

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  1. This sounds like a really great internship opportunity. I had to let go of this opportunity during the interview because of the hours it required, and I regret it! Fingers crossed, I can give it another shot. It must be an extremely fun and insightful experience!

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