So, it turns out, work CAN be fun

I think most of us in advertising can agree that we have to do a lot of challenging work. But I bet most of have also realized that some, if not a lot, of the work we do is pretty fun. After all, we’re in a field of communication- conveying a message to an audience is our purpose, and sometimes it’s a message of FUN we’re working to sell.

For example, the company I’ve been interning for, The Drink Nation, is dedicated to showing you the “best drinks and bars in your location,” (the company’s tagline)- clearly this is a message of fun. Yes, yes, we do real, hard work in our office, but the purpose of our effort is to bring more users to our website, in order to gain more advertisers and sponsors; our target advertisers are all bars and beer, wine, and spirits companies. We we are all trying to sell the fun of going out and having a great drink, so while we are working, fun stuff happens.

The Drink Nation regularly hosts events in the office, including a bi-monthly First Friday party with great local art, food, and crafts beers on tap, all for free to the 21+ public! So yes, all of the employees are working throughout the evening, but we also get to network, invite friends, listen to live music in the office, and have a snack and a beverage or two. Currently my favorite part about our events is being the person who greets and checks everyone in at the door- it’s wonderful to be able to say “cheers!” to upwards of 200 people per event.

All of these fun memories of the job make doing the real hard work so much more meaningful. Knowing that we get to enjoy our time in the office sure makes getting up for work a breeze!


  1. That sounds amazing! It’s interesting how advertising covers essentially any topic, therefore the spectrum for career options is so vast. You could work in advertising for a company that deals with pharmaceuticals, or go the complete opposite route and work in advertising for liquor companies. I love that we have so many opportunities!

  2. This internship sounds like so much fun! I know it sounds so cliche, but it’s so true what they say – when you have a job you love, you never work a day in your life. This sounds like an awesome opportunity to network with not only professionals in the advertising field but in other industries, as well. It’s all about who you know these days and it sounds like you’re heading down an amazing path for that!

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