Social Media: from content consumer to content creator

Hello everyone! My name is Evelyn Foster and I am a senior Advertising major with concentrations in Copywriting and Brand Strategy and Research. Since January 2024 I have been an intern at Sircle Media. The office is located in New York and my position is remote.

The semester before my internship was when I fell in love with copywriting. I had taken two of the courses for my concentration and realized my love for words and consistent social media browsing allowed me to explore a riveting career area in advertising. Along with being a creative, I love understanding the nitty gritty of a brand, the how and why, the brand voice, and where a brand fits in the market. My internship at Sircle allowed me to use both of these skills and develop them into something portfolio-worthy.

My position has many responsibilities, my main ones being writing captions, reporting analytics, and finding influencers for collabs. I learned the most from the analytics portion of my job. I was able to explore platforms like Hootsuite, Iconosquare, and Sprout Social. These were all tools I had never used before. Writing captions included being able to write captions that fit the voice of each brand while using buzzwords, staying on top of trends, and creating engagement. Finding influencers was similar – finding people that fit the image, vibe, and energy of the brand. They should also post consistently and have a strong personal brand. Another task I enjoyed was creating story posts. It allowed me to use a little more of my creativity than other tasks. Making polls, posting for sales, and brand announcements were some of my favorite content to make. The last task I want to mention is creating UGC content. I made TikToks with the products I worked on that were to be posted on the accounts. The content was mainly day-in-the-life videos including the products.

Before working at Sircle, I would have never imagined seeing posts and captions that I created on the stories and feeds of brands that frequent the shelves of my pantry. I have had the opportunity to work on brands such as Muddy Bites, Outstanding Foods, Honey Smoked Fish, FitVineWine, and others.

I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity as I have learned so much about how to be a social media professional. Advertising can lead to so many different realms and I am glad I was able to explore this one. I had never posted a TikTok before this position and now I enjoy making them for fun. Thank you for reading about my journey from consumer to amateur creator.

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  1. Your internship sounds really cool Evelyn! I’m really glad you were able to find one that connected with your passion for copywriting and creating. I’ve been using tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social in my classes, and they’re extremely beneficial for brands, so it’s great you’re getting experience with up-and-coming platforms. Best if luck with your internship and future endeavors!

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