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Hello everybody! My name is Francesca Thorn and I’m currently a senior advertising major at Temple University with a concentration in strategy and research.

With everything turning to remote work due to COVID-19, I decided to keep my options open to many different job positions with different companies. With a heavy interest in fashion and design, I mainly decided to apply to as many social media management and marketing internships positions that would revolve around using your creativity and learning how to better utilize social media. After a long search, I had the pleasure of interning for Brittany Burns as a social media manager for, a bridal fashion retailer. Brittany quickly became a mentor for me as we both discussed that we have similar interests and I asked her about her start in the business and how I could eventually do something like this on my own.  I was required to complete 150 hours working for the company and was tracked online through my social media scrolling throughout the day. I also am scheduled to create and execute 2 creative Instagram campaigns, create two bridal themed blog posts of my personal choice on, as well as scroll the company’s Facebook and Pinterest page. These photos can be taken from photos from bridal shoots that Brittany has conducted or we can use stock photos on This experience taught me so much about social media marketing, engaging with the target demographic, and bringing engagement to the company while managing their media. I use social media apps like Instagram and Facebook daily but never knew how useful these tools can be for marketing and advertising purposes. These apps give you the chance to view analytics and see how well your ads are performing.  Learning how to use new platforms will be essential in any field.  After completion of the internship, I believe this experience taught me enough that I could one day start my own fashion company and utilize social media marketing to bring in clientele. Although I had to complete this internship during a pandemic, I tried to make the most out of this experience as I know I couldn’t work hands-on in an office. I imagined myself getting to be in an office with other interns but I learned how to adapt to remote work and I still made sure to regularly video call with Brittany and the other interns and get to know them during those 10 weeks. Overall, despite the circumstances, I ended up learning a lot of new things that I can use in my future endeavors and I will be able to apply them for years to come!

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