Social Media Management Internship

Interning as a Social Media Manager for an in-person business while adapting to the pandemic.

My name is Anna Cangelosi, and I am a graduating senior. My major is advertising with a concentration in Brand Strategy and Research. During this semester, and part of last semester as well, I’ve been interning at a salon called Revere Spa and Wellness Center as a Social Media Management Intern.

I was not sure how well I would do going into the internship, because the majority of my classes did not focus on social media, and I never considered copy to be one of my strengths. As time went on and I made more and more content for their social media pages, I became much more confident writing copy and just producing social media ads in general. I also saw a lot of positive interaction under my posts, which was of course super rewarding.

Furthermore, I learned how to adapt to extremely unique circumstances, because the pandemic really affected the nail and beauty industry. I actually got the hang of adapting to all the changing regulations and keeping clients in the loop in a way that was not confusing or stressful. I would say my success despite the challenges that the pandemic presented was probably the accomplishment I am the most proud of during my internship. 

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