Sparkling jewels and email blasts

Ritual Ritual is a jewelry and clothing boutique in Northern Liberties.  When you enter the store, you are faced with a room teeming with shining jewels, sparkling rings, geodes, and scents of frankincense and myrrh. It shouldn’t surprise you that there is a lot going into the care and keeping of the boutique, the web store, and social media accounts.

The store is owned and operated by Angela Monaco who also runs Concrete Polish Jewels, a handcrafted jewelry collection based out of Philadelphia. Ritual Ritual is more than a simple brick and mortar retail location on 2nd Street, it also serves as a studio space. Jewelry, clothing, and graphic designers use the studio spaces at Ritual. Ritual fosters a creative and loving community of artists and designers, which has made this internship even more rewarding.

As an advertising student, interning at Ritual has proven to be a unique and valuable experience. Ritual is a boutique, so there was no preexisting guideline for an advertising internship. My position relates to the overall functioning of the organization by keeping consistency throughout email blasts and social media. I learned how to use the email marketing service provider that Ritual uses for email blasts. I used this email marketing service to create email blasts about events, sales, and weekly updates. I experienced, from beginning to end, the lifecycle of an email campaign. I’ve gained first hand experience in keeping a consistent voice when writing branded email blasts.

Working for a boutique gave me the chance to spend a great deal of one-on-one time with Angela, picking her brain, and learning from her expertise.

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  1. This is similar to my experience at my internship as well, where it is a small organization and you kind of take on various tasks. It’s cool that you were a part of kind of a new tier to their business as well.

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