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Philadelphia Magazine is such a well known company it is almost impossible not to have heard of it. But I bet many people don’t recognize the name behind the company: David Lipson. He is the President and owner of the company. His family has continuously passed down the company. I would see him passing the hallways every now and then at Philly Mag but I never really had the chance to talk to him. A few weeks into my internship all the interns were told David wanted to take us all out to lunch. I jumped at the opportunity. He took me and 9 other interns to the Continental in Center City. There he got to know each and every one of us. He asked us about our backgrounds, aspirations, and goals. He then asked us our opinions on the company and how we thought it could excel. One of our ideas was to get Philly Mag involved socially. We gave him the idea to create a Philly Mag events Snapchat. He listened carefully and took down notes the entire time. Honestly, after that lunch I didn’t really think anything of it and figured he would just disregard the idea all together. Then two weeks later, when I sat in on one of the weekly meetings, one of the social team members announced the launch of the Philly Mag Snapchat. I was in shock!! The president of Philadelphia Magazine actually listened to us interns and heard our idea. It felt so good to be taken seriously in the company and see our idea in action!

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  1. That’s really awesome to see that the head of the business really appreciates interns. I found that is something you really take away from your internship experience. I really appreciate my time at the agency when the founder always remembers my name after just the one conversation I had with him.

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