Spring Break Reading Recommendation

Perhaps you didn’t get around to booking that trip to Florida.  Maybe you just didn’t feel like visiting your family. Your friends have vanished and you’re left with the dull chore of filling in an empty space allocated to you. Well, if you’re inclined to repose with a book over break, I have a recommendation for you:

Creativity is not only expected from you as an advertising major–it’s a necessity.

While it may not be a prerequisite for selecting advertising as a major, it is essential that by the time you graduate it’s intrinsically interwoven into your DNA.

The question is: Can creativity be taught and attained? That’s certainly subjective, but I do believe it can be acquired.

In Where Good Ideas Come From, Steven Johnson demonstrates with examples throughout history (aesthetically and conceptually), how good ideas are cultivated. While this book isn’t going to reveal the mystery behind the curtain–it will provide you with some excellent insight and methods that you can apply to your work.

Here’s a nice encapsulation of what the book covers:

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  1. Good choice. I read this book a couple of months ago. Some of the concepts have helped me with conceiving ideas for my artwork. I’ve done a bit of interior design to my workspace to make it more conducive to creativity.

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