Startup culture at ManeStreem

Hi! I’m Jamie and I’ve been working at ManeStreem since September of last year....

Hi! I’m Jamie and I’ve been working at ManeStreem since September of last year. If you haven’t heard of ManeStreem (which I hope you have because of my hyper localized FB ads!), we are an on demand beauty company that operates similarly to Uber or Lyft. Prior to my internship, I didn’t know much about startups. In the past 8 months I have learned quite a lot and I’d love to share the highlights. 

First and foremost, things move fast. Working at a company that is still in its infancy means that things will constantly change; strategies, office spaces, budgets, and even employees. However, in this rapidly moving climate there is tremendous opportunity for growth. I interviewed last year for a Street Team position and was offered a Marketing Internship during my interview. Since then, I have moved from Social Media Intern to Social Media Manager and am now payed and am responsible for a large percentage of ManeStreem’s consumer outreach and 100% of its social media. Lesson being, if there is a need for your skills, you will rapidly move up. 

Secondly, don’t expect a traditional business structure. As ManeStreem is both a start up and in the tech industry, methods and employee structure are very “young.” My boss, Alex, is 23 and handles almost 25% of the business, the President is 20, never went to college, is a YouTube celebrity with a following over one million and was hired for his expansive digital media experience. While the CEO is closer to 35, the overall company infrastructure is far from corporate.

So if you find yourself at a startup next semester, work hard, show your skills, share ideas, don’t expect the expected, and get ready to learn a lot.

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