Staying On Brand

The opportunity to work with a large and varied amount of products has strongly assisted my abilities in branding. 

I am Dawson Smith, a senior advertising major in the art direction track. Since May 2021, I have been interning at Wengers of Myerstown. This is a large family-owned business that purchases and sells construction and agriculture equipment. I was hired as a graphic design and marketing intern with the purpose of modernizing their marketing materials. I’ve spent the last six months designing a variety of print and digital materials. I’ve created business cards, postcards, signs, folders, hats, t-shirts, social media posts, and website graphics. The opportunity to work with such a large and varied amount of materials has strongly assisted my abilities in branding. 

Prior to this opportunity, most of my design experience has involved a new company or brand for each project. Therefore, it was really helpful to spend six months working with different products that needed to stay cohesive. I really enjoyed the challenge of finding ways to make each design unique and individual while also staying consistent with their branding. 

It was especially difficult in the beginning of the internship because the company specializes in a field that I am not very familiar with. I do not have much knowledge in the agriculture or construction industry. However, I was able to learn and understand the company’s branding quickly and pursue my assignments in an appropriate way that would compliment the materials that already existed. 

I believe that this internship opportunity was very successful. It definitely helped me grow my design and marketing abilities and I believe that I was able to help them modernize their company’s offerings. I look forward to future experiences where I will be able to work with new brands and ideas.

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