Ta Ta Anthropologie!

I can’t believe my time with Anthropologie as a Visual Design intern has come to an end! These past 3 months have been nothing short of magical. Unlike my previous internship at a small branding agency, Anthropolgie has offered me many new and original experiences that I can’t imagine learning anywhere else.

As an art direction major, most of my education has been focused upon what to expect in an agency setting. I decided to take this internship because it was exactly opposite of that! In this position, it was my responsibility to design, formulate and craft all of Anthropologie’s Rittenhouse Square location displays. This position not only encouraged outside the box thinking, but actually required hands on crafting which is what I love so much about the job! As a previous Tyler School of Art student, this internship really let me expand on my artistic talents as well as my eye for design. I don’t think I could have selected a better opportunity. Unlike many other retail stores, Anthroplogie brings to life all sorts of concepts through unique and magical displays. All of our displays are crafted from natural or unique materials that many would not expect. This season, we created an entire conversation with our displays using paper cutting techniques and finely assembled tissue paper woodland animals.  All throughout the store, our creations are scattered, and in a matter of the 3 months time I spent there, I watched the entire store transform into a winter wonderland. Working alongside 2 other interns every monday and Wednesday, each day was new and exciting and made me value the time I spent there. There was nothing more rewarding than seeing my work displayed for all to see right there on the retail floor. After getting a sneak peek at a Visual Display manager’s career, I can definitely see why someone would want this job!

Overall I had a wonderful experience with Anthro and would greatly encourage any artistic and creative individual to pursue this opportunity. It is one that will stay with me forever!

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