Talking to Strangers to Benefit Your Future

This summer I interned for two Philadelphia radio stations: Wired 96.5 (Philly’s Party Station) and 92.5 XTU (Philly’s Country Station). During my internship I worked in two different departments. On Wednesdays and other various days of the week I was an intern for both stations’ promotions department and on Tuesdays I interned in the studio on Buster’s show on Wired 96.5 in the afternoon.

As kids we’re warned by countless family members never to talk to strangers but this summer I disregarded everything that rule has ever taught me. The first thing we were told during the interview process for this internship that we were going to have to be comfortable talking to and interacting with people we have never met. The promotions department and Street Team are really the face of any radio station because we are the ones going out into the community and interacting with listeners and we are not always accompanied by the jocks. The amount of success that a radio station has the potential to have kind of starts with the impression that the Street Team leaves on people who attend the events that we host.

I have always been a pretty out-going person so I didn’t really have a problem jumping into an event and going out to interact with our listeners at the different events that both stations have hosted throughout the summer. I loved playing games for prizes with children and adults alike, taking pictures of people with our memorabilia, and just having general conversations with the various people that would stop by our tent or table.

I feel that all this experience interacting with different people over the summer will greatly benefit me in the future whether I continue in the radio field or try an embark in something else. Being able to hold a conversation with someone you have just only met moments ago is a vital skill to have because it not only sets you apart from those lost in their world of technology but you also have the opportunity to meet people that you never would have if you never walked up to that person and just said “Hello.”

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