Hey there. I’m Sarah King and I am a junior at Temple University majoring in Advertising with a concentration in copywriting. 

This semester, I have been interning with Allied Global Marketing. When I first was offered the position, I was cautiously optimistic. One view of their website tells you that they do some really big stuff for some really big companies. We’re talking Disney, Universal, Netflix, the works. It was both intimidating and exciting.

The internship itself, like life, has a range of experiences. Some days are more exciting than others. For instance, I planned an entire screening and pre-screening event for the CBS Films film “Five Feet Apart.” Another time, I walked in and was told that for research on “Avengers: Endgame” the other interns and I were going to watch “Avengers: Infinity War.”  I also have spent entire days filling out spreadsheets of contact information for various outreach. So, like I said, some days are very excited and others are regular business.

It’s truly something special to be a huge fan of movies and to have this internship where I get the inside scoop on upcoming movies, opportunities to attend advanced screenings, and the best part…. Free movie merch. Just the other day, I got my hands on a t-shirt and sweatshirt for the new Jordan Peele horror film, “US.” Research here often consists of watching trailers for upcoming movies repeatedly and coming up with big ideas for promotion events. 

My absolute favorite experience was the one I mentioned above. The “Five Feet Apart” event took place on Galentine’s Day (Feb 13) at the Philadelphia Film Center (previously known as the Prince Theater.) I organized nearly every detail from who was invited, to who made the cake pops, to how the tables were set up. I would never be so bold as to say that I did it alone, as many people from the company helped me and kept the ball moving on the days I’m not in, but I think I can rightfully call it my event. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Without a doubt, I have learned a lot from Allied. I’ve made some great friends, excellent contacts, and had a lot of fun.