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As my internship at Push10 comes to a close, I wanted to reflect on a key learning from my time there. While all agencies work their fingers to the bone to produce material for clients, there might be some things that fall to the wayside. For agencies such as Push10, getting their name out to potential clients as well as the advertising community was something that was always on the to-do list but the key players in the agency couldn’t prioritize it to the top of the list due to the fact they were always hard at work for current clients.

The way I see it is that small agencies, like brands, don’t usually have the time or means to get their name out from the get-go, yet for decades we have seen the industry flourish with success, but all this success didn’t happen over night. It takes time for agencies to grow and make a name for themselves. It is also true that not every agency will see the same success as their competitors. There will always be a broad spectrum of agency types. Even here in Philadelphia there is a very diverse community of communication professionals and agencies. This is something that I think makes the industry so great, the diversity not only of people but of ideas.

Basically, agencies take time to grow, and to which caliber they wish to grow to seems to depend on how they set their foundations and the steps they take from there.

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  1. I totally agree with your notion that agencies take time to grow. While I didn’t intern for an outright agency and instead a museum, they were going through rebranding at the time in order to grow stronger as a recognizable and attractive brand. The work previously done to bring their name to the public eye fell short. The museum was in desperate need for a new image. In this way, they were still in their growing process. Your right when you say that they all develop at their own pace. It certainly took the Independence Seaport Museum a while to mature to it’s current branding.

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