The Beginning



Hey Guys!!

I am more than excited to get this internship-ball rolling this summer. As the graphic design intern at Phillybass’d Entertainment, I have a bunch of projects in line for the summer that I am more than excited about. Logos, book covers, and brochures, OH MY! Besides expanding my Adobe Suite skills, working with clients and in a business setting is going to be rewarding!


Along with working on graphics and expanding my skills, the internship program at Phillybass’d will allow me to learn how to use twitter and other social networks as marketing tools. Each intern is expected to tweet promotionally for the company and the company’s clients. At least ten tweets are to be posted by each intern daily. I have been on social media since Xanga, but had never used it for anything more than personal use. This is an opportunity for me to get a first hand experience into the world of social media as a marketing tool. This is very important because of how important social media has become in the advertising world.


I will also dabble in the blog world. Each week I will post a blog to the company’s blog site. Thoughts of becoming a blogger have crossed my mind before, but I honestly knew I wasn’t dedicated to the idea to really get the ball rolling. This will give me the opportunity to learn how to blog and get my point across to my readers in only so many words.


Needless to say I am excited for this experience to get started and excited for the lessons I will learn over the summer!

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