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Here’s my Chance, HMC,  is a creative agency in Northern Liberties where I was lucky enough to land an internship. As an intern at HMC I had the opportunity observe and take on some real responsibility. I was able to work hand in hand with senior level staff, interact with the client, be present in brainstorming sessions, contribute tagline ideas, assist in video shoots, attend budget meetings, and publish blog posts. I got a feeling for what agency life could be and I have fallen in love.

I’ve been standing the sidelines waiting for my moment to be a starter in this game. But for now, I’m honored to have been given the opportunity of some playing time. I’m thrilled to have been coached by experts. I’m confident that come graduation in May I will find my team.

The experience that HMC has given me and what I have made for myself has been a real turning point. Both a turning point and reassurance that I am on the right path.

The turning point:

Class teaches you how to be prepared. The world teaches you how to react when all preparations hit the fan. Throughout  my internship I’ve learned how to adapt. I’ve learned that no one truly knows exactly what they’re doing at all times.


I have this bad habit of always wanting to be three years ahead of where I am in my career. Its a testament to my ambition and drive but it is also a curse. My internship and the real world has taught me how to be content. How we are our own worst critic. David Gloss,  CEO and Co-founder of HMC, told me, “If you constantly measure your success on how well you think you did, you will never succeed.”  He taught me other measurements of success. Measuring success through feedback.

Kevin Colahan, COO of HMC, also struck me with words of wisdom. He told me, “Don’t get in your own way.” He taught me not to over think things and to trust my gut. Again, he gave me confidence to trust that I know what I am doing.

The Reassurance:

There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re on the right path to reaching your career goals and the feeling of being content. Yes, giving it your best, but measuring your success by knowing that you have.

After transferring schools, moving into the city, and switching my major twice I can honestly say I now know what it is I want to do and HMC was a much needed confirmation of this. I want to work in advertising, I want to be an Account Manager with a focus in brand strategy. Now, I know my position on the field, I’ve practiced, I’ll practice some more, and come May I will find my team.

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