The best day so far!

Interning at Red Tettemer I am constantly helping other people and learning different things. Diana and Susan, another account manager, have been teaching me how to create status sheets and what they are used for. A status sheet is like an assignment page for the team working on a project. It is updated weekly and there is a status sheet for every job order. For instance, the cookbook for GPTMC would have a status sheet. An example of a task would be, to get estimates on binding prices (for the book). There is a lingo for account managers and Diana would write this as, RTP to get estimate on book binding” (RTP, Red Tettemer and Partners). Next to the task would be who is responsible for the task and when it should be done. The status sheets are available for everyone to see and check every week to stay on top of due dates.
Another thing I learned about is  job jackets. Job jackets are large red folders that are home to each and every job. They have the client’s name, the job number, and the creative team working on that job. This holds everything from the first day the account manager meets with the client until the very last final draft and approval of the assignment. This is another way to keep everything organized and together. The account manager makes these and gives them to the creative team.
Those things are all important, but today I got to do something I had been hoping to do from before I was accepted at Red Tettemer. Today I met the founders of Pub & Kitchen and the Diving Horse in Avalon. These two men are opening a burger joint at Rowan University. Olivia, the other intern and I were able to sit in on a meeting with the creative director, the client, and Diana. The creative director, Todd was presenting name ideas for the burger joint. It was so cool to be involved in this meeting for a number of reasons. They picked our brains because we are college students and we got to help them potentially make a decision on their name. Today I really felt like I was in the Ad world and I loved every minute of it. I can’t wait until I get this opportunity again!

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