The Best of Internships: My Time with Delaware Today

My name is Annabeth Bilodeau, and I began working with Delaware Today as a Marketing Intern in June of 2021.

My name is Annabeth Bilodeau, and I began working with Delaware Today as a Marketing Intern in June of 2021. It was with this award-winning publication that I discovered a newfound passion for event planning and advertising. 

As Delaware Today has been a pillar in the First State for over fifty years, the company’s reputation precedes itself. It is known for being the go-to source for learning what Delaware has to offer. Through its print publication, along with its sister magazines and online presence, the company has become a lifestyle authority in the community. From astute commentary to brilliant full-color design, the magazine is truly captivating. The mission of the publication is to help people get the most out of living in Delaware by being the most valued resource in print, online, and in person. From my time with the company, I believe that they fulfill this goal. 

During the duration of this internship, I was fortunate enough to work under their Marketing Director, Monica Weber. Under her leadership, I was brought into the magazine and event planning industries with ease. She truly inspired me with her bits of wisdom, organization, and personable demeanor. She supervised and ensured I was on track, while still giving me the freedom to learn. On one of my first days, she told me that nothing was a mistake until it left the company. By this, she meant that error was natural. As long as we all worked together and peer-reviewed one another’s work, everything would still work smoothly. This was amazing to hear, as it emphasized the collaborative nature of the company. It also encouraged me to not be afraid of going to her with my ideas or thoughts for the magazine.

As their “Best of Delaware Party” is one of the most large-scale events hosted by the company, this became one of my main focuses. I was responsible for compiling contacts for the “Best of” winners, assisting in the copy of promotional materials, and reaching out to vendors. This experience allowed me to see all of the moving parts that go into planning and promoting an event. 

Previously, I had focused on different aspects of the advertising industry. I was very interested in social media advertising and media planning. However, I found myself completely captivated by how much goes into an event. Social media, advertising, and media planning are all a part of event planning and promotion, but there are also many other facets involved. Client relationships are crucial, as they are the ones who will (hopefully) sponsor the event. Appropriate and attention-grabbing advertisements are necessary for sparking interest in potential guests. Teamwork and collaboration are vital to things running successfully and revenue goals being met. 

All in all, this internship has given me so many important skills and life lessons. I have connected with people in my profession, as well as with people who assist in the success of this industry. I have learned how a business functions for success and how to be a good team player. I have seen first hand how the professional brainstorming process occurs. I was introduced to new aspects of the advertising and marketing industry, as well as the event planning and promotion field. I am so incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with the Delaware Today company, and even more appreciative to have gained the experience necessary to be successful in my future professional endeavors.

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