The conclusion or a new beginning

My time here at LevLane has been quite the experience. I’ve learned so much from so many different industries: Banking, Recycling, Law, Senior Living Communities, etc. I’ve done comparative analyses, I’ve attended status meetings for different clients, I’ve even got the pleasure of going on the South Philly Murals Tour to look at the beauty of graffiti rather than the tagging aspect. My time here has only been a short semester, but the knowledge I’m taking away from here is invaluable. Whether I stay on as an intern here for the next semester with the potential of being hired upon graduation, or if I venture out into new opportunities, I have learned skills that will make me a valuable asset to any agency or company I do indeed end up working for. For anybody interested in a smaller,credible agency, where the people are very nice, energetic, hard-working, and dedicated to the work they produce, I recommend looking into LevLane; a decision that will offer you a very valuable and relevant experience.

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