Hi! My name is Izzie Chausse and I’m a junior Advertising major with a Copywriting track. This past semester I’ve been interning at the Philadelphia Magazine as an editorial intern. Although this isn’t exactly the typical internship you’d expect for an advertising major, it’s one that has served as an immensely helpful learning experience. As it was my first internship experience, I was open to anything especially, if it involved writing. While what I do for copywriting is generally on the shorter end of the copy spectrum, experiencing editorial copy has certainly been interesting. Knowing that your writing will be seen by more than your professor is a daunting thought and one that has seriously pushed me to create things of which I am proud. Besides the actual writing aspect of the internship, it has taught me the importance of being timely with assignments and the importance of a strict deadline. This concept was obviously something I already understood, but having others rely on you as a part of their job made it top-of-mind. Being surrounded by so many talented professionals is a major aspect of the internship for which I am grateful. Seeing both their work and work-ethic has inspired me to be more disciplined as a writer and a coworker. The importance of collaboration, whether it be a quick fact-check or a more in-depth piece of research, has been one of the most stand-out aspects so far. This experience has been more than what I imagined it to be. Again, since it was my first internship experience, I went in with an open mind, and I was far from disappointed.  Considering I still have a month remaining at the magazine, anything that I wish I would’ve done differently is still on the table as an opportunity.