The Final Curtain

To quote Frank Sinatra, “the end is here and so I face the final curtain”. As the semester comes to a close, so is this chapter in my Finch Brands internship experience. I’ve been asked to stay on for the summer, but I will be taking on new responsibilities and leaving behind my old ones. I will be saying good bye to my weekly business development tasks and hello to client Facebook page management! I will also be saying hello to the 3 new interns who are joining us for the summer and I can’t wait! Two are Temple students! All- in- all I would have to say that I have learned a great deal from this internship and my current position in the company. I now really understand why all my professors stress the importance of getting out in the ad world and really experiencing what it has to offer. I’ve learned that hard work really does pay off and that with every person you meet lies a new opportunity.


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