The Final Presentation

Yesterday, on Dec. 5 we had our final presentation at Palumbo. I got there early to prepare with a few others. I was a little bit nervous because I did not know what to expect. My only hope was for everything to run smoothly and I am glad that it did. Everyone showed up little by little. We were also able to have the students practice what to say before we started. Our special guests arrived and we prepared to begin. We showed them a presentation of everything we worked on during the workshop with the students. Luckily, no problems arose during the presentation.

It was great how things came together because of all the work that was put in to get to the final moment. I was very proud of all the Palumbo students because they knew exactly what to say when the time came for them to speak. When the presentation was over it was not difficult to tell that our audience had liked what was presented to them. This is because there were a lot of questions and pictures taken at the end. I’m glad everything happened how it did.

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