The Multifaceted Multimedia Intern

Hi, all! My name is Ivory-Michelle, I’m an Advertising major, Copywriting concentration, graduating in December. This semester, I’m interning with the TUportal team of Temple’s Information Technology Services Department. My role as a Multimedia intern has included various cool things that I’d like to share!

So far, I’ve worked on two projects. For our first one, my coworkers (other Multimedia Interns) and I were tasked with creating a new OWLcard Mobile introductory/explanatory video. Since we are a self-run operation, our boss has granted us the privilege of working on our own time and completing tasks on deadlines. This aspect has been great because it has created a lot of accountability, and you’ll only get out of this internship as much as you put into it.  

In the beginning of the internship, we, all, added to a chart that demonstrated our level of comfort with each task involved in production. In terms of the production process for this video, all four of us each wrote a script, and then, we came together to create one master script. When it came to filming, because I expressed that I was comfortable with being on-camera, I was the on-screen talent. Taking on the acting role in the production process was cool because I’ve always felt like I could be an actress, but never took it seriously. As someone who wants to pursue a career in screenwriting and directing, I know exactly what looks and sounds good on-camera. Being able to give the camera exactly what I would want to see was a really fulfilling experience.

This internship has been a great learning experience and I’m happy to have been able to go through the production process from start to finish with a team of like minded individuals. For anyone going into their first internship opportunity or looking for one, I’d advise you to stay hungry and maintain a student-like mentality, in order to get the most out of your internship. There’s something to learn even when you think you know everything.

OwlCard Mobile behind the scenes video

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