The Next Step

On Monday, we traveled back to Palumbo Academy to celebrate the success of the presentation with a pizza party. It was a great day to get to talk with the students over pizza and get their feedback on the workshop. As of now, we are still deciding on whether to continue the workshop in the spring or wait till next fall. Therefore, it was important to hear the student’s suggestions. All of the students had great things to say as well as great ideas for the next workshop, including possible tours of advertising agencies in Philadelphia. It was exciting to see their eagerness about advertising and their excitement for another workshop.

The second half of the pizza party was dedicated to the college application process and general questions. Each of the Temple students gave great advice to the students on everything from getting to know your professors to ways to buy less expensive textbooks. We also answered questions in regard to financial aid and the SAT’s. It felt great to be in the position to give advice to the students. I wish I had someone to give me such great advice while I was in high school! It was a great day to wrap up an exciting semester. I hope the workshop will continue next semester and another group of Temple students will get to participate in this rewarding experience.


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