The Opportunity Of A Lifetime

I live and breathe Philadelphia sports, so landing an internship at SportsRadio 94WIP is a dream come true. Having just finished my third week working with Michael Barkann and Ike  Reese on their show “Mike & Ike,” I’ve already learned so much and have gained such respect and idolization for Philadelphia radio talk show hosts.

Walking in on my first day, I must admit I was as nervous and excited as ever. Instantly I was introduced to former Philadelphia Eagle, Ike Reese, and prominent television talk show and radio host Michael Barkann, whom I’ve watched a million times on the Comcast Network growing up. It’s safe to say I was star struck. However, as I got more comfortable around them and with my duties and responsibilities as an intern, I saw that they are just regular cool guys and by week two all my nerves flew out the window… well until week three.

Last week I was asked to talk on-air with ex-Sixer dancer Katy Beaver on her segment called “She Said.” My nerves automatically came back like they never left and I froze. Now, going into the broadcasting industry was never something to which I gave much thought. I didn’t think I had the right voice for radio. I get to listen to Mike & Ike every day in awe and am amazed by how fluent and fluid they are with their words. It’s a real a craft and they are truly professionals. So, I politely declined the offer to have my voice heard by thousands, sat back and listened to the pros at work. The minute the segment ended, I regretted every second of not jumping on-air. As I left the office that Thursday afternoon, I pondered the thought of me, Lindsey Porter, possibly pursuing a career in sports radio. “Baby steps,” I said. So until then, I’ll eagerly await my chance to have my voice heard and I’ll be sure to jump at the opportunity to speak again!

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