The Power of Social Media

While I interned at Harmelin Media, I was involved with the Digital Team. The Digital Team handles display banners, online videos, mobile, search, site analytics, and social. I was involved with almost all the services, but I particularly became familiar with the social service of Harmelin Media. Social media is an integrated part of most people’s lives so I think it’s an incredibly important thing to be aware of.  Harmelin Media uses paid social tools to track its client’s customers all over the world.

Being a millennial, I’d say I’m pretty familiar with social media. One thing I realized while being at Harmelin Media is how much of our lives is consumed by the use of social media. If you like a page on Facebook, we track that. If you begin to follow a new brand on Instagram, we track that. If you Tweet at a company, we track that. Social media has become such an important tool to utilize for any business. At Harmelin Media, the clients range from small local shops, to large businesses that anyone would recognize. It’s pretty amazing to see the difference in the way each brand uses social media. Larger companies tend to pay attention to their social media more so they can stimulate and remain connected to their customers. Smaller companies don’t always use their social media platforms every day. In return, their customers are less active towards them on social media.

Social media is something I want to continue to incorporate within my work. As I said before, it’s such an important tool to utilize and it’s becoming easier and easier to become familiar with. Without a doubt, social media will be a huge part of the future. Companies who utilize and stay up-to-date on what’s going on will probably be noticed more. Companies who don’t want to take advantage of such a beneficial tool will probably fall behind. Either way, whether a company is small or large, social media is not only important to use now, but also in the future.

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