The Realtime Media Experience Part II


Hey guys,

It’s Stan again back with another blog about my experience at Realtime Media.

Creativity, brainstorming, debates, and influence are just some things that I feel surrounds the advertising industry. The understanding that the survival of any agency is maintaining a certain number of accounts to remain stable. In order to remain stable you need to ensure that your agency is innovative. I have a seat in on creative briefs, many brainstorming sessions, as well as organized presentations for pitches to big clients during my time at Realtime Media. I must say that a lot of time and teamwork is provided by everyone on the creative team to come up with the next big thing. However, the one thing that I noticed when I initially applied to Realtime Media was that the brand they were prevailing to the rest of the world was not were it needed to be. Their website presentation and logos stood in the shadows of their competitors, at least in my opinion.

However, the one thing that I respect about this agency is that they understood that they needed to change in order to be on top. I had the unique opportunity to assist this agency in its early stages of recreating its image, from designing new log designs, providing visual images to influence the design of the website. Realtime Media is now trying to place itself in a position where it will be, as my boss Bill Tierney says at the World Series this time next year!

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