The Road Ahead

This semester I have been interning at Philadelphia Style Magazine. I have absolutely enjoyed my time there. When I began at Temple as an advertising major I knew I wanted to be in the art direction track for many reasons. The reason that I sought out an internship at a magazine is because I have always loved magazine advertising and seen them, mostly in the areas of fashion, cosmetics, cars and hotel/casino, as pieces of an artistic vision put on to paper. This being said I have always wanted to be in the magazine industry especially on the creative end.

Having the opportunity to intern at Philadelphia Style has let me see another side of the magazine advertising industry. This side is sales and publishing. Before, I briefly considered this avenue, but never felt that it would actually be for me. Now I would really enjoy the chance to work in either field, whether it be art or sales. This is because I now know how much more this side entails and the importance that it plays. Although it is not designing, it is still an art in itself and is the major piece in allowing the world to see this artwork.

At Philadelphia Style Magazine not only was my love for advertising and the art direction track reinforced, but also a love for sales and publishing arouse and I am truly great full for this experience and new found knowledge. Now as I begin to venture in to my professional life I have new options and hopefully new opportunities in front of me, now that my perspective has broadened immensely.

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