The Start to my Career in Advertising


My name is Laura and I’m interning at Barilotti Wealth Strategies. My supervisor Christy is a Certified Financial Planner which pretty much means what it sounds like; she advises her clients on anything that may affect them financially. For the most part I’ve had a very positive experience. My title is Marketing Coordinator and my tasks include everything from managing social media sites to organizing all networking events. My favorite tasks are the ones that require me to use my design skills. Since my major is advertising (creative track) I especially love getting practice using the programs I’m taught such as Adobe  Illustrator and InDesign. Luckily I’ve been assigned many tasks that require me to use them. I create the invites for each networking event  as well as brochures and postcards that get sent out to clients. I have also gotten to redesign already existing marketing materials, making them more organized and visually appealing to the reader.

The most important thing I’ve learned while being here is not to be afraid to speak up. Everyone that I work with is open to new ideas whether it involves promoting their services or if its simply a more efficient way to accomplish something. Since I’m young they are especially open to my suggestions when it comes to social media and advertising.

Christy is the person that inspires me the most because day to day I see her making her clients happy, handling high stress situations with ease, and it gives me something to strive for. She is so generous with her knowledge that she has obtained over the years and gives me insight into how she because successful so young. I feel very lucky to have her as my mentor. Event though they are a financial company and Christy cannot guide me with my design tasks she is always giving me pieces of advice that will translate to my life in the real world, whatever job I choose. And to me that’s extremely valuable information.


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  1. I had similar experiences when I worked for a real estate company. I had to design their brochures, ads, and marketing material. Just like you, I did not have somebody who was in the design field to guide me, but I did gained a lot of experience as a professional experience. It was almost like learning the client and creative dynamic where the creative has to figure out exactly what the client wants. I feel that in your situation, the networking opportunities is extremely valuable.

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