The Two Coolest Things

What I am learning and experiencing at my internship with Harmelin Media is reinforcing my desire to work in the advertising industry (as a media planner specifically). The projects they give me prove they invest in their interns and want us to get the most out of our experiences. With that said, I wanted to share two of coolest assignments I have been given thus far.

The first cool project I got was with one of the major clients my team serves. This client is an umbrella brand that houses many products that need to be advertised. The client’s budget for the 3rd quarter changed from 2nd quarter. My direct supervisor was focusing on the TV buys for a number of the client’s products. She allowed me to alter the number of TV spots these products had to fit with the new budget for the upcoming quarter. She was pleased with the strategy I chose in altering the budgets. I was so excited that I was given the autonomy to make decisions for a client early on in my internship. Sure she reviewed the spots and made sure everything looked good, but giving me the opportunity made me feel important and included.

Another exciting project I will continuously work on throughout the summer will teach me how to build a radio buy on the software Harmelin Media uses. I was given a mock version of a spec sheet for a client. A spec sheet gives the specifics or parameters for the criteria you need to build your buy and how to reach the goals set out by Harmelin and the client. First, I had to set up the buy with the information I was given and simultaneously learn how to navigate throughout the platform. That part was quite simple, considering I had the step-by-step instructions next to me. Then with the criteria I used to set up the buy, I had to pull a “ranker.” This pulls the top 10 radio stations in the area for the demographic, which the spec sheet chose to target. Over the next few weeks, I will be able to build a radio buy for the first time. It is an ongoing project that I work on during downtime. I love this idea because it gives me another chance to prove myself and learn about the media planning/buying process. Bring it on!

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