The World of Lev Lane Advertising

In my opinion, my internship experience as a whole was kick started by one of the best agencies I could have been a part of in Philadelphia. Lev Lane’s company culture is distinct from all other agencies I have visited and fully encompasses the feeling of being part of a tight knit family.

One positive aspect attributing to this personality of the agency is the small staff they have on board. Each member is accomplished, dedicated, lively, and truly passionate about the department they represent. A wide array of personalities may be seen as a clashing quality, but Lev Lane transforms it into an advantage by blending together to make a diverse staff that adds a different perspective to our creativity. This increases the organization’s potential in creating efficient and memorable ads.

Although the staff is minimal, Lev Lane’s department heads act as the foundation to build strong and productive departments. In our recent meeting, a member of the media department, whom I work along side of, was promoted to social media director. He is highly deserving of this position and it gave him a chance to shine within the company by adding his creative ideas that each team has brainstormed with to produce a campaign. Although he isn’t a part of the creative or copy departments, his ideas were heard, valued, recognized and rewarded through the promotion.

These inspiring individuals are so impactful because their expertise exceeds others and is met by their strong personalities that I can relate to. This mesh of characters creates a strong agency, unique family and a perfect environment to intrinterns at the office Halloween party!oduce an intern the the wonderful world of advertising.

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