There’s Something About Daisy

It was after a crazy morning filled with bike troubles, ruined clothes, and sweaty helmet hair that I finally met the newest employee of ChatterBlast Media. She was young, very tan, and had a twinkle in her eye. The instant I saw her, I felt relief. “Maybe this day won’t be so bad after all,” I thought to myself.

Her name was Daisy, and she sat in the chair across from me. Awestruck, I stared at her for the next five minutes or so.


She noticed my stare and got up to walk towards me. She had a big goofy grin and I began to pet her lovable head. Daisy is a young pit bull that belongs to Lou, the account director at ChatterBlast Media. Clearly, as made evident by my deceivingly off-putting ode to man’s best friend, I love dogs. “Daisy, I’m going to need to have those tweets on my desk by this afternoon,” I said, stifling my laughter at my own joke. Apparently that morning she was tuckered out from an afternoon at the park and took to laying anywhere and everywhere amongst the office.


It’s these little quirks and conundrums that make me enjoy coming to my internship, even after a stressful morning. In the few weeks I’ve been here, I’ve learned to embrace the surprises. Copywriting is full of them. I’ve also learned that collaboration can create some of your best work, and that writing cheese puns can be especially fun. Brie-lieve me. I also now know how to properly write for social media, a task harder than I anticipated for a millennial like myself. Being a content creator intern has been a challenge, but I’ve finally found a flow that works for me. Lastly, I’ve learned that the surprises in this office are what keep it up and running.

I glance over at Lou, who had just tossed Daisy over his shoulders and I realized I’m going to have a lot more surprises during the remainder of my time here.

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