Navigating Success in Agency Life

Hi everyone! My name is Allison Foedisch and I am a senior Advertising major with concentrations in Copywriting and Brand Strategy and Research. I intern at Think Traffic located in Spring Garden, Philadelphia. My role there is as a Copywriting/Social Media intern, and I’ve been there since June 2023.

I’ve learned a lot of things about myself and the industry during my time as an intern. My supervisor has become a great mentor to me. I feel like I can ask her anything and not be nervous or scared. She has taught me a lot about copywriting and has given me tips and advice about my work and the future. I’ve learned always to put 110% effort into my work, criticism is helpful, and life is very fast-paced in an agency.

A day in my life as an intern is different every day. My internship was hybrid so some days I was in the office and others I was working in my apartment. One day I was focusing on copywriting, then others juggling social, copy, research, etc. A lot of the main things I worked on every day were content calendars, social media audits, photoshoots, proofreading, or concepting new ideas for social. My supervisor would always ask me if there were other parts of the agency I would want to learn about, so I got to hop around a lot.

I couldn’t ask for a better internship to get me ready for the future. I now understand what I like and what I’m not so big of a fan of. To students who are looking for internships or just getting started in one, this is what I recommend…

1. Always ask questions (even if they feel dumb).

2. Don’t get too stressed out – this is supposed to be fun and help you discover what you like.

3. Criticism is sometimes a good thing, it can help you dig deeper and find the right idea.

4. Always ask your supervisor for advice or for an evaluation of how you are doing so far, so you know what you can improve on.

5. If you’re interested in something that isn’t directly under your internship title, ask if you can learn about that area. The worst thing they can say is no, but it shows your interest in the company and the industry.

I hope you enjoyed my internship story and I have loved my time at Think Traffic. If you have any questions you can always connect with me on LinkedIn.

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