Thrown Right Into the Mix

Walking in on my first day as Traffic Intern at LevLane, I had very little clue of what I was going to be doing. Compared to other advertising agency departments, I had little knowledge about the traffic department. I was curious and excited to see what was in store for me. I was  immediately greeted with positive and friendly people, including my supervisor, who introduced me to the employees and gave me a quick tour of the office. After quick instructions on how to log into my account, use my new email, and use the agency network, there was no time to waste.

I was told Mondays were the busiest, and that certainly was not a lie. On my first day I was already fixing and updating status reports, organizing job jackets, and carrying job jackets to different departments throughout the agency. Being thrown into the mix like that may have been a little hectic, but I learned so much even on the first day. It was nice being able to get into what I would doing immediately, and it helped me to learn quickly.

It has been a couple weeks and I can tell that I am beginning to complete my tasks quicker, but I also know that there is much more to learn. Creating status reports, writing the job boards on a daily basis, and delivering all of these jobs to different departments are things with which I am very familiar now. What I am really enjoying about my internship is that I am always moving around and doing something different. I mean, someone needs to keep all of these jobs on the board moving!

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